PIZO Electronic Limited is an ISO certified profesional manufacturer to supply worldwide Moulding connector, Cable Assembly, Plastic injection, other connections. The group serves all market sectors, since designing services through prototypings and volum production requirements, PIZO have the complete ability to design and produce for Electronic, automotive, aviation, telecom, industry power.

In 1993,the CEO Ming beginning his business as a broker, purchased wire and cable from the south of China, sell to the middle cities, after 1997, China mainland and Hongkong had more and more relationship for business, Ming bought a set extrude machine and established his small production line in an rental room, 4 years later Ming registered the company named WAM(沃尔),at that time, WAM was a company for domestic cable and moulding tool markets, turnover in 2004 was CNY5,000,000 ,to explore the global market, Ming invited several friends as partners to start PIZO on 2005...

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