Friday, 02 July 2010


1, single -screw extruder screw diameter technical parameters Db: refers to a large diameter , standard series 20,30,45,65,90,120,150,165,200,250,300 screw length L / Db: Screw Work the ratio of length to diameter of the screw portion of the screw speed range : nmin-nmax r / min drive screw motor power P: KW extruder production capacity Q: extruded plastic than flow per…
Before using aluminum solder flux carried outdated method, flux itself, corrosive relatively common, acidic liquid, so that the solder joint is very reliable, easy to cause the solder joints cracked after power, commonly known as chemical corrosion. Secondly not active and can not be well removed and the surface of the aluminum oxide film increases the flow of solder, resulting…
Wednesday, 16 December 2009

How to match galling resistence

the injection pressure is too large; dies aging, poor surface finish; inadequate machine mold clamping pressure; molding conditions mistake conditioners.
Monday, 11 August 2008

Why the over-mold shrinkage

Shrinkage, deformation reasons: the stripping force uneven; molding time is too fast, improper cooling; improper mold gate settings; the cooling time in the mold long variant, shrink; the injection pressure is too high molded surface finish is poor, stripping slope small; improper holding pressure.
Wednesday, 16 April 2008

PFA injection moulding plug

Several months ago, we get start to extrude new high temperature cable and wire cover by PTFE and FEP ,this month we made a PFA teflon mould tool to finalize the injection molding, this is a new technique for the telfon PFA injection molding tool .
Wednesday, 02 May 2007

How to crimp the terminals

Whilst understood well within professional harness makers, the correct application of crimps is something that doesn’t seem to be as widely understood in DIY circles with much information available ranging from not very thorough to out-rightly wrong; One of my friends was once given the advice by an employee in a car hi-fi shop to hold the crimp onto the…
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