Friday, 02 July 2010

1, single -screw extruder screw diameter technical parameters Db: refers to a large diameter , standard series 20,30,45,65,90,120,150,165,200,250,300 screw length L / Db: Screw Work the ratio of length to diameter of the screw portion of the screw speed range : nmin-nmax r / min drive screw motor power P: KW extruder production capacity Q: extruded plastic than flow per hour per hour per week to the nominal production capacity of the extruder motor power needed

2 , Model SL-150 represents a screw diameter of 150mm, an aspect ratio of 20:1 extruded plastic extrusion process parameters to edit this paragraph 1, the temperature extrusion barrel temperature processing power than an hour kg of plastic plastic temperature, screw temperature, generally we measure the cylinder temperature . Temperature control of the heating and cooling system , the screw configuration , heating and cooling system is unstable , the screw speed and other reasons the extrusion temperature of the material are present in the radial and axial fluctuations , thereby affecting the quality of products , the intensity of each point is not the same article , to produce residual stress, surface dull gray . To ensure the quality of products , the temperature should be stable . 2, the pressure due to the resistance of the screw and barrel configuration , the nose , the filter , the filter plates , there is a pressure inside the plastic . Figure pressure changes , the pressure also exists fluctuations.

3 , the rate of extrusion unit time from the extruder die extruded plastic quality or length. Effect of extrusion rate factors: resistance head , the screw and barrel configuration, screw speed , heating and cooling systems , the plastic characteristics. But when the product has been set, only the rate of extrusion screw speed related. There are fluctuations in the rate of extrusion , the geometry and size of the impact products . Temperature, pressure, extrusion rate fluctuation exists , in order to ensure the quality of products , the screw should be properly designed , a good heating and cooling system to control the speed and stability of the screw to reduce the parameter fluctuations.

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